OmniTouch Contact Center Standard

A scalable and reliable contact center solution for up to 5000 agents

Alcatel-Lucent OmniTouch™ Contact Center Standard Edition is the ideal solution for companies with contact centers that are mainly driven by voice interactions, addressing installations of all types and sizes, from small to large capacities.

Currently used by more than 400,000 agents worldwide, OmniTouch CC Standard Edition is based on the unique and patented “matrix” call routing model. Flexible and customizable, any changes can be made quickly using the what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) management interface, so even those without programming skills will find it easy to respond to business demands.

OmniTouch CC Standard Edition offers an embedded solution with both Alcatel-Lucent OpenTouch™ Business Edition and OmniPCX™ Enterprise, where contact center capabilities, such as supervision and distribution can be managed within the call server.

The contact center modules available are:

  • CC Supervision
  • CC Distribution
  • CC IVR
  • CC Agent
  • CC Outbound

There is no need to rip & replace a complete environment to move to a multimedia contact center solution. Customers who already have OmniTouch Contact Center Standard Edition can deploy the OpenTouch Customer Service plugin as an add-on (overlay). Benefit from multimedia interactions such as email, web chat or social media plus CRM applications like integration, workforce management, outbound and IVR capabilities.

Benefits: OmniTouch Contact Center Standard Edition
  • Reduced total cost of ownership with quick deployment
  • Single competency for administration, supervision and reporting
  • Look-ahead routing and distribution allow for better planning and resourcing
  • Comprehensive range of features to meet the varied needs of any contact center
  • Flexible and programmable, allowing automatic changes to distribution rules depending on time of day or day of week
  • Simple WYSIWYG management interface allows optimum responsiveness to business needs
  • Full suite of real-time and historical reporting tools for performance awareness
Features: OmniTouch Contact Center Standard Edition
  • CC Supervision offers real-time configuration and supervision at the click of a mouse, monitoring all objects (pilots, queues, and groups) and providing full statistics compilation and detailed reports
  • CC Distribution is an automatic call distributor (ACD) with a database embedded in OmniPCX™ Enterprise, offering cost-based powerful routing algorithms and the ability to build a virtual contact center
  • CC IVR provides interactive voice response (IVR), offering powerful self-service functionality, using the latest speech recognition and text-to-speech technologies, plus voice, fax and email integration. It can also be used for call pre-qualification, call back, customer survey and more
  • CC Agent is a desktop application for agents, providing full telephony and session control, advanced call monitoring, individual and group statistics, and access to critical information
  • CC Outbound is both a dialer and a campaign manager; an advanced solution designed to handle telemarketing campaigns
  • 5 to 2000 agents on a single node, up to 5000 agents in a multi-nodal OmniPCX Enterprise configuration
  • Remote agent facilities with Alcatel-Lucent connecting options
  • Branch survivability for inbound with Passive Communication Server
  • Prioritized ‘skill mapping’ of calls according to available resources
  • Advanced queuing with embedded voice announcements
  • OmniTouch™ Customer Service (OTCS) integration server provides off-the-shelf connectors to major CRM applications and other integration capabilities
  • Enhanced options like IVR with CCivr or OTCS IVR, wallboards, Soft Panel Manager, Workforce Management or OTCS media (email, web chat, web callback, social media, CRM connectors…)