Opentouch Customer Service

A complete, modular contact center solution

The Alcatel-Lucent OpenTouch Customer Service Suite (OTCS) is a complete yet modular contact center solution that unifies all communication media throughout the organization with real time KPIs. With OTCS, contact center managers can focus on key goals by monitoring, in real time, operations and business outcomes and take immediate actions to improve productivity and results.

Built on an open and standard based platform, the OTCS suite allows unified management of all customer-related activities in the front and back-office. Focusing on business value, the OTCS suite ensures the consistent application of business rules, monitoring and automation to achieve excellence in customer service, ensure legislation compliance and reduces operating costs.

The OpenTouch Customer Service Suite also supports multi-PBX environments, which make it an effective solution for multi-site companies running complex and diverse technological environments.

Benefits: OpenTouch Customer Service
  • Provides unification and consistency throughout the organization
    • Unified management of all contact points, front and back office
    • Ensures the consistent application of business rules to improve quality and overall performance
  • Complete software solution
    • Single suite can “do it all”
  • Open platform lowers costs
    • Open solution based on standards allowing for rapid application development
    • Platform independent solution allows OTCS to add value without disrupting existing infrastructure
  • Business-focused for faster ROI
    • Combine operation and business performance management
Features: OpenTouch Customer Service

The OTCS suite consists of these modular components:

  • OTCS Unified Interaction – a real time action platform that unifies all activities in a queue, allowing resources, processes and knowledge to be reused for all interaction, media, and tasks.  The unification brings consistency, enhances customer satisfaction and reduces operational costs. Real time monitoring of all activities allows contact center management to make informed decisions and take action on the fly to maximize productivity and business results.
  • OTCS Unified Routing – applies intelligence and skills-based routing rules to all activities, ensures that customers receive the best services from the most appropriate resource in the optimum time frame, regardless the media channel used.
  • OTCS Unified Desktop – A single desktop that unifies all agent applications, cuts down on agent training time/needs, provides faster data access in real time and outperforms first call resolution.
    • Knowledge Management (Agent Desktop)
    • Tight integration between Unified Desktop/Agent phone set
  • OTCS Workflow – unifies processes across the organization, brings the contact center efficiency to the overall business, enabling faster resolution and improving customer satisfaction.
  • OTCS Unified Dialer – award winning dialer comprises all pacing modes, including powerful predictive dialing algorithms with accurate call classification, enables compliance with the most demanding telemarketing legislation
  • OTCS Design Studio – a unique language and development environment that allows the design, control, and execution of customer interaction modules in the contact center, such as routing, workflow, agent, etc.  It can significantly reduce the time to market for new campaigns and services and allows changes on-the-fly to deal with changing business needs.
  • OTCS Integration Server – delivers out-of-the-box integration with world leading applications in the field of CRM, ERP, Quality Monitoring and Workforce Management.  OTCS open architecture enables quick integration with other applications, through the OTCS Integration Server, and agent SDKs.
  • OTCS Voice Portal – Powerful software voice platform that delivers a superior self-service experience. Fully integrates with the OTCS suite, allowing speech-enabled and touch-tone access to business applications, such as self-service customer care and outbound notification
  • OTCS Management Portal – Customizable tool for real-time management of a multimedia contact center. It easily adapts to the different user profiles and personal preferences, increases agent productivity and reduces the learning curve.  It is an all-in-one management portal for all areas of the contact center.