OmniPCX Record Suite

Tracking customer interactions via call recording, screen capture and monitoring

Many companies (both inside and outside a Call Center environment) have a growing need to record transactions, especially in activities requiring law and regulatory compliance. This requirement is particularly relevant for financial services, utilities, healthcare, education, hospitality and public safety organizations.

The Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX RECORD Suite offers small and medium-sized businesses a complete tracking solution for customer interactions through unique call recording, screen capture and coaching capabilities. Flexible, simple to install and user-friendly, it seamlessly integrates into both new and existing OpenTouch™ Server environments.

Customer Insight

“The Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX RECORD solution has dramatically enhanced our capabilities by enabling greater visibility and control of just how effectively we are communicating among ourselves and with our customers.” – Christopher Carew, Chief of Staff, DC Water

“The primary focus of our business unit is to ensure customer satisfaction. We can do a much better job in monitoring and coaching our team, resulting in the delivery of an improved level of service to our clients. It is a wonderful thing.” – Evelyn Gould, Contact Center Supervisor, DC Water

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Benefits: OmniPCX Record Suite
  • Fulfills every need with a modular offer made up of four modules (Record, Capture, Silent Monitor and Quality Monitor)
  • Accelerates resolution of customer issues
  • Minimizes risk of disputes through complete tracking of customer interactions
  • Boosts customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Enhances employee productivity thanks to monitoring and coaching
  • Improves quality assessment based on actual customer-employee interaction recordings
  • Transparently integrates with Alcatel-Lucent Communication Servers
  • Minimal hardware requirement (single server)
Features: OmniPCX Record Suite
Modular offer
  • Record: rich recording facilities of inbound and outbound calls in multiple audio formats (MP3, GSM6.10, WAV)
  • Screen capture: complete user desktop activity capture
  • Silent monitor: remote and discrete monitoring
  • Quality monitor: evaluation of recorded employees and instant coaching sessions
  • Call recording in VoIP, digital, analog, SIP and mixed environments
  • Web-enabled architecture that makes it easy to locate and use recordings
  • Multiple language web interface
  • Support of multi-node environment
  • High availability
  • Support of virtualization
  • Centralisation of recordings from independant satellite sites to a central server
  • Open integrations through the Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Login authentication via Radius server
  • Compliance with Thales encryption
  • In line with Payment Cards Industry (PCI) requirements for call recording systems