Alcatel-Lucent OpenTouch Conversation for Medium and Large Enterprises

The Alcatel-Lucent OpenTouch™ Communications Suite transforms enterprise communications into collaborative conversations and business services. OpenTouch Conversation brings the essence of the OpenTouch Communications Suite to life, supporting seamless interaction across multiple media, devices, and participants, all within the same conversation.

Users can move from a phone call to a conference call simply by adding other people to the conversation — and it’s easy to add video, show a presentation, share an application or desktop, and exchange files during a meeting too. Employees can stay mobile by moving the call to their smartphone, tablet, Smart DeskPhone, or PC without interruption. OpenTouch Conversation adapts to the way that users work, enabling conversations that enrich their business.

The OpenTouch Conversation application exists on several platforms:

  • OpenTouch Conversation for PC
  • OpenTouch Conversation for iPad
  • OpenTouch Conversation for iPhone
  • OpenTouch Conversation for Android tablets
  • OpenTouch Conversation for Android smartphones
  • OpenTouch Conversation for Web
  • 8088 Smart DeskPhone
  • 8068 Premium DeskPhone

OpenTouch Conversation for Web is a lightweight HTML5-based collaboration application: invitees inside and outside the organization can join OpenTouch meetings from their laptop, and tablet.

Benefits: OpenTouch Conversation for MLE
  • Enjoy a consistent user experience on all devices: PC, smartphone, tablet and deskphone. Using the OpenTouch Conversation range of platforms, users simply select the appropriate device for their environment and can seamlessly transition between devices
  • Improve collaboration and increase efficiency by streamlining and enriching business conversations to include features like multiple parties, persistent conversations, content sharing and high-quality video conferencing
  • Work from anywhere and boost productivity. Regardless of location, users can access enterprise-grade services, including the corporate directory, telephony, conferencing, instant messaging…
  • Stay connected by choosing the devices your incoming communication traffic will be routed to. View colleagues’ availability and select the best way to communicate by initiating a phone call, a video call, an IM or an email
  • Secure communication: OpenTouch Conversation allows its users to communicate completely securely with colleagues and customers
Features: OpenTouch Conversation for MLE
  • Start with a simple one-to-one IM chat and seamlessly add people, add voice, add video and content
  • Schedule and join on-the-go meetings, send invitations, view and conduct presentations, exchanges files, and share desktops
  • Single identity: present a single business identity, with one phone number, across multiple devices (Personal Computer, tablet, desk phone, mobile, home phone…)
  • Contacts: search for local and corporate contacts, instantly access favorite contacts in just one click
  • Notifications: give an at-a-glance view of new voice messages, missed calls and instant messages
  • Visual voicemail: displays and manages voice messages as easily as email. Users can select, play, forward and delete messages in any order
  • The Conversation wall: displays past conversations, active conversations and future meetings in a single view
  • Call features: place calls, manage incoming calls, add, hold and drop participants
  • Call routing profiles: let users manage communication preferences and reachability

Note: Some features and media are not available on all devices and platforms. Please check each datasheet in the Documents tab to discover the full list of features available on each platform and device.