OpenTouch Conversation for Small and Medium Businesses

The mobile application for Windows Phone, iPhone, and Android

OpenTouch Conversation (OTCV) for OmniPCX™ Office Rich Communication Edition (RCE) is a mobile application connected to the OmniPCX Office RCE system. It delivers advanced unified communication services to Apple iPhone®, Android™, and Windows mobile devices, with features including single identity, directory lookup, enterprise telephony, unified instant messaging, and call routing control.

Employees are becoming increasingly flexible by using many devices and services at once, so they can travel and multi-task effectively. By being mobile, users can remain closely connected to their projects, tasks and colleagues while they’re on the move, which ensures business continuity.

This application lets them take all the benefits of unified communications with them, wherever they go – and all features are accessible from a single, easy-to-use interface.

The connection between the mobile device and the corporate infrastructure uses industry-standard encryption mechanisms to protect data transmission, providing optimum security and peace of mind.

Alcatel-Lucent OpenTouch Conversation mobile solutions for smartphones help users increase their productivity significantly.

The application is available to download free of charge from the Windows Phone Store, Google Play Store, and iTunes (Apple Store).

Benefits: OpenTouch Conversation for SMB
  • Users can get anytime, anywhere business notifications (unified call log with instant messages history, voice messages and missed calls) with access to enterprise-grade services, including three party conference, instant message, corporate directory, phone features and communication history
  • Business phone and mobility options can be configured and controlled remotely
  • Convenience of a single identity: one phone, one number and one voicemail box across all devices, on-site and off-site
  • Easy for colleagues and contacts to recognize outbound calls, wherever you dial from: they always appear as the same number
  • Flexible and multi-channel: workers can select the best way to communicate when initiating a conversation
  • Ensures business continuity anywhere anytime
  • Significantly reduces call costs with savings on long distance calls
  • Saves on data charges by using Wi-Fi for data when at the office or at home. Optimized coverage and savings on voice charges by using company Wi-Fi for both voice when at the office (iPhone and Android only)
  • Secures access with HTTPS (encrypted channel) and VPN support
Features: OpenTouch Conversation for SMB
  • Single identity: one phone number across multiple devices (desk phone, mobile, personal computer, home phone)
  • Directory lookup: search local and corporate contacts from an easy-to-use interface
  • Instant access to contacts with single click to call
  • Unified call log with notification of new instant messages, new voice messages, and missed calls
  • Business calling anywhere: choose to dial from a local contact list or corporate directory, favorite contacts list, business communication history, voicemail interface and more using any dial format, including an enterprise dialing plan
  • Instant messaging with internal colleagues
  • Mid-call control: take a call, clear a call, transfer a call, hold/retrieve a call, switch between calls and more, three party conference
  • Telephony presence only with OTCV Windows Phone
  • Control which devices will ring (desk phone, mobile, personal computer, home phone, colleague or other) based on office and mobile profiles
  • Get Call feature can switch a call from a mobile to an office phone instantly
  • Unified business communication history: filter by event type (voice calls and voice messages) or display all events, on any device
  • Visual voicemail: display and manage voice messages with a visual voicemail interface that lets you select, play back or delete messages in any order
  • Distinctive ringing between internal and external calls
  • Business and private call options, with calls processed either
    • by the Alcatel-Lucent communication server (OTCV for Android), or
    • by the mobile carrier, via the app or regular dialpad
  • SIP Companion VoIP option allows use of company Wi-Fi for both voice and data (iPhone and Android only)