OpenTouch Conversation Multimedia Services

OpenTouch Multimedia Services is an application server that makes the organization’s business response faster by integrating real-time enterprise communications into PC desktop, smartphone and tablet environments.

Employees who need better business  communications on their smartphone or who need interactive visual communication benefit from OpenTouch Conversation — a software client that works on any device and offers an intuitive and unified interface to enjoy wideband audio, instant messaging, as well as HD video and document sharing collaboration at the office and on the go.

Benefits: OpenTouch Multimedia Services
  • Single contact management: so office and remote workers can save time by controlling their phone from their PC.
  • Employees can share document information with peers and guests
  • Employees are reachable anywhere, with access to business communication services while at the desk and on the go
  • Reduced travel expenses and efficient interactions between geographically-dispersed teams
  • Better engagement with contextual video and content-sharing interactions
  • Customers, partners and colleagues can easily and securely join OpenTouch sessions from outside the enterprise firewall
Features: OpenTouch Multimedia Services
  • OpenTouch Connection application services: PC and smartphone integrations to boost productivity at the office and on the go
  • OpenTouch Conversation application services: Intuitive multimedia collaboration solutions that boost productivity, facilitate mobility and decrease travel costs
  • Web conferencing with customers, partners and colleagues