Alcatel-Lucent Mobile Guest Softphone

Smart phones have become nearly ubiquitous, with people using them at work, home and on the move to interact with their environment and stay connected. These devices give users the freedom to access their choice of information, services and applications at any time or in any location.

Hotels can take advantage of these connected devices to offer guests a better way to interact with their services and facilities.

The Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Mobile Guest Softphone turns a guest’s own mobile device into an extension of their in-room phone. The guest downloads the free application from popular online app stores, and then uses the app to scan a QR code. This auto-configures the app on the guest device based on credentials input by the hotel reception desk, via an easy-to-use web interface. The soft phone requires no specific IT infrastructure (no configuration or PBX provisioning), and because the wireless LAN is used to access the service, calls within the hotel network are free of charge, and all outgoing calls are added to the room bill.

Hotel benefits
  • Enhance guest experience and satisfaction by enabling their own device use
  • Create upsell opportunities via easy access to hotel services
  • Increase revenues and allow guests to control their communications costs:
    • Encourage them to use the hotel telephony services on their devices, versus more expensive mobile operator roaming services
    • Allow them to call hotel services from mobile devices for free inside the hotel
  • Reach guests anywhere in the hotel in the wireless network, with no need of guest private numbers
  • Offer enterprise grade VoIP quality, based on Alcatel-Lucent’s industry proven communication platforms
  • No extra IT administration for hotel, guest’s device association to the guest’s room is automated and dynamic
  • Guest-friendly and easy to use
  • Simple QR code scan for automatic configuration and guestroom association: guest devices automatically become part of the hotel telephony system (no provisioning necessary) and are associated to the respective guest room
  • Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) enablement for guests, allowing them free voice communications via their smartphones while inside the hotel wireless network. Calls to the outside of the hotel will be charged at the hotel rate and added to the room bill
  • Directory speed dials, dial pad and click-to-call from Mobile Guest Softphone application
    • Embedded hotel directory for easy contact with the different hotel services via speed dial numbers
    • Centralized management via Web administration interface
    • In case of existing eConcierge applications, an SDK toolkit is available (details below)
  • A simple dial pad to enter direct numbers
  • Inbound and outbound communication with identification of the calling or called party
  • Multiple mobile devices can be associated to a room
    • Dynamic allocation depending on room occupation (one or several guest smart devices)
    • Automatic provisioning of the guests devices in the hotel suite configuration in the OmniPCX Enterprise
  • WYSIWYG web administration interface and easy customization to match the hotel identity chart (colors, background, images,…) and numbering plan (speed dial keys and corresponding numbers)
  • The Mobile Guest Softphone application can be made available under the hotel brand on AppStore and Google Play platforms by Alcatel-Lucent Professional Services
  • Mobile Guest Softphone SDK Toolkit (APIs), for those prefering to integrate inside e-Concierge Apps:
    • SDK toolkit option to enable telephony services for existing eConcierge applications
    • The Mobile Guest Softphone framework SDK is providing a library of multimedia-over-IP (MMOIP) services for Alcatel-Lucent Partners to enable telephony services inside existing eConcierge solutions
    • The Mobile Guest Softphone framework SDK also provides a REST management API for Mobile Guest user management and server side integration