The IP Desktop Softphone is a voice telephony application installed on a user’s tablet (Apple iPad or Android). This multimedia, fully-integrated telephony solution completely replaces physical phones. The IP Desktop Softphone emulates a 4068 IP Touch set / 8068 Premium DeskPhone. The application is quick and easy to install. User-friendly, it accommodates customizations to suit user preferences. This application makes it transparent for remote workers to phone and to be called as long as they are connected to their network using their company VPN.

The IP Desktop Softphone for iPad is available on the Apple Store and on Google Play for Android devices.

  • Fully-integrated telephony solution
  • Quick and user-friendly access to telephone facilities
  • Help businesses optimize their employee’s productivity
  • 8082 My IC Phone user experience for fast adoption
  • Easy integration of remote and home workers, especially when desktop connection is the preferred communication mode
  • Carbon footprint reduction
  • Communications, connectivity and hardware costs control


  • VoIP protocol provides voice communications on tablets and smartphones
  • Runs under Apple iOS and Android (please check the list of compatible Android devices in the Services Applications Compatibility Matrix available on the ALE International Business Portal)
  • Available off-site anywhere the user is able to connect to the company IP network via a company VPN (works on Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G cellular)
  • Available on-site on wired Ethernet connection or Wi-Fi
  • Suitable in both Business and Contact Center environments
  • G.711 and G.729 codecs are supported
  • The user interface can be personalized
  • Identical display and keys as the 8082 My IC Phone
  • Desk sharing is supported (except on Android devices)
  • Horizontal/vertical flip and horizontal full screen
  • Telephony is supported on any CTI environment (ex: Contact Center agent workspace, Desktop Application, TSAPI or specific CTI Toolbar)
  • QoS Level 3 IP TOS / DSCP
  • Up to 15 different ring tones
  • Customized skins can be created to meet specific client needs on demand
  • It is also possible to adapt the application on demand to meet specific needs